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Enjoy Summer Activities but Protect Your Hearing

We at WildEar hope you and your family enjoy the great outdoors this summer... and when the fun gets loud, remember to use hearing protection!

Many outdoor activities such as lawn work with mowers and blowers, attending loud concerts or sporting events, motorcycles/speedboats, and even enjoying fireworks have the potential of damaging hearing if you are exposed long enough and often enough. To learn more about protecting your family's hearing, check out the Loud Noise website from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Quick Tips - How to Protect Your Hearing

  1. Turn down the volume on music players or other entertainment

  2. Buy quieter equipment (power tools, mowers, etc.)

  3. Avoid loud, noisy activities and places

  4. Take breaks from loud noise

  5. Wear effective hearing protection when you can't avoid loud noise

For information on solid and filtered hearing protection visit


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