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The WildEar Recreational & Sports Product Series is built for everyday life & hobbies. Whether mowing the lawn or in the hobby workshop, WildEar products provide the most advanced technology in hearing protection on the market. They protect your ears from moderate to extreme noise plus special attention has also been given to achieving the absolute best fit in a custom product.

Noise Without Knowing It

Hearing loss is insidious and more likely to occur over time without people even knowing it. We use the example of people experiencing changes in vision or sight loss. You'll know something is amiss when your vision starts to falter. You can literally see it happening. We're not as lucky when it comes to our hearing. Of course, in high-noise industries and careers where hearing protection comes standard every day, there's more awareness of noise damage and how to combat it to protect hearing. Yet, there are plenty of places where noise is more unsuspecting, instances where people simply might not be aware of the threat.

  • Military — The military is full of heavy equipment and artillery. Whether training, occasional duty weekends, or full deployment — it's all loud and ongoing.

  • Landscaping and power tools — Operating a chainsaw can easily be over 100 dBA. That's extremely loud! This goes for homeowners and weekend warriors alike, not just professional services.

  • Vehicle noise — Motorcycles and snowmobiles can be very loud and consistent exposure can heighten the threat to your hearing. 

  • Musicians, music fans and concert-goers

  • Entertainment venues — think of loud restaurants or bars where you have to continually raise your voice to order a drink or engage with a server. There's sporting events, too.

  • All sizes and shapes of ears can be accommodated, even when surgery, disease or injury has radically changed the characteristics of the outer ear.

  • Consistent protection and comfort​​

  • State of the Art digitally modeled and digitally produced ear shells for precisely custom-fit products.​​

  • No irritating foam ear-plugs or ​​hot and bulky ear-muffs

Recreational/Home Products
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