How is it possible to get a custom fit-kit by mail?

It’s really easy. First, order a WildEar Product by Internet or phone. WildEar will send you a “Fit-Kit” in the mail. After reading the instructions & watching the “All day Comfort” video, you will be ready to make your ear impressions. Once we receive your impressions in the Postage Paid “Fit-Kit” box. We will promptly begin to build your custom-fit WildEars. You will receive your product in 7-10 business days.

What if I don’t feel comfortable doing my impressions at home?

Find a local Audiologist. Go to enter Audiologist & your zip code. Schedule an appointment to have impressions made of your ears. They do this all the time. It costs less than $100. Then send the impressions back to us in the Postage Paid “Fit-Kit” box we mailed to you. You will receive your custom-fit WildEars in 7-10 business days.