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WildEar has a number of ways to collect your ear impressions. 

Choose an option below:



If you or your company have purchased WildEar or CavCom custom products, we may already have your ear impressions on file. If you did not  send this information during the order process, please email us now at and include your order number, name, employer (if applicable), and approximate date the custom product was manufactured. We’ll check and let you know if your impressions are already on file.



Most audiologists can provide ear impression services for a one-time fee of $30 - $75. When making your appointment, you will need to explain to the provider that you have already purchased the custom product from WildEar and so are asking them to provide only an ear impression of each ear. Please print and take this Ear Impression Guide with you to your appointment. Please note these instructions are provided for informational purposes only. Any professional conducting ear impressions should be properly trained, qualified, and certified/licensed according to any applicable requirements.


If you need help locating a qualified provider, search here.

After the impression is made, please box with a printed purchase receipt and mail to


1872 Industries Lane

Walker, MN 56484



If you are unable to identify a local professional, it may be possible for you to take your custom ear impressions from home. Please note that individuals with a history of ear surgery or ear problems such as pain, irritation, excessive earwax or infection, and those with allergies or sensitivity to silicone products should not attempt a Home Fit Kit. Instead, please refer to your local physician or audiologist for medical review/clearance and to arrange a professional impression service. If you need help locating a qualified provider, search here.

If you would like to use our convenient Home Fit Kit, be sure to order one at the same time you order your WildEar custom hearing protector. We will ship the Fit Kit first. After reading the instructions & watching our Impression Instruction Video, you will be ready to take your ear impressions. Once we receive your impressions in the Postage Paid Fit Kit box, we will promptly begin to build your custom WildEars product.


If you have questions about any of these options or need more information, please contact us at

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