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Won’t earplugs make my ears ring?

The short answer is “no, not really.” What is much more likely is that a person already has tinnitus (ringing in the ears), but doesn’t notice the ringing so much when surrounded by typical day to day sounds. However, the ringing becomes much more noticeable when the environment is very quiet (such as at night) or when wearing earplugs. In either case, ambient/background noise is reduced, and ringing in the ears is now more audible and unfortunately, more annoying.  Because wearing earplugs or earmuffs is necessary to protect your hearing against loud noise, it may take some getting used to when first wearing hearing protectors. Most people report the tinnitus lessens as they get used to wearing hearing protection (and as ears are better protected against the effects of noise). The alternative is far worse – failing to wear hearing protection in loud noise can lead to permanent hearing loss and progressively worse tinnitus over time. To learn more about tinnitus, causes, possible treatments, and work-arounds like white noise maskers, check out resources of the American Tinnitus Association.

Are all foam eartips the same?Not at all! WildEar uses only the most sophisticated, high-performance eartips available for our ready-fit products such as FieldEarz™ electronic and TruEarz™ non-electronic hearing protectors. Our long-time partner, Comply™,  has years of experience researching the earcanal and has developed special memory foam tips that adapt to the dynamic nature of the ear providing a secure universal fit. Here’s what makes Comply™ foam eartips different from others:


How is it possible to get a custom fit by mail?
It’s really easy. First, order a WildEar Custom Product and a Fit-Kit. We will ship the Fit-Kit first. After reading the instructions & watching the “All day Comfort” video, you will be ready to make your ear impressions. Once we receive your impressions in the Postage Paid Fit-Kit box. We will promptly begin to build your custom-fit WildEars.

What if I don’t feel comfortable doing my impressions at home?
Find a local Audiologist. Go to and enter Audiologist & your zip code. Schedule an appointment to have impressions made of your ears. They do this all the time. It costs less than $100. Then send the impressions back to us in the Postage Paid “Fit-Kit” box we mailed to you. 


Why should I buy FieldEarz™ over other products?

FieldEarz™ has been designed and built with the latest digital technologies and input from hunting professionals, with the goal of meeting the needs of our customers. WildEar products have advantages in ease-of-use, simplified controls, field adjustment, durability under harsh field conditions and product quality. Special attention has also been given to achieving the absolute best fit in a custom product.

How can FieldEarz™ protect hearing and amplify sound at the same time?

The secret is a digital microprocessor. Our technology provides you with a listening experience that is extremely clean, clear and natural. Superior sound capture allows amplification well beyond your normal hearing ability. Our WildEar microprocessor is also extremely fast. Our Sound Guard technology detects and quickly stops extremely loud sounds from entering the ear.

How much better will I hear?

FieldEarz™ amplifies your hearing ability beyond the normal range. You’ll be able to detect

even the slightest game sounds off in the distance. And conversation with your hunting partner

will pass through with heightened sound quality. You don’t get the plugged sensation common

with most other products that simply block your natural hearing.

If I already have hearing loss, will FieldEarz™ work for me?

If you have some hearing loss, you’ll need to find the settings that work best for you. However, FieldEarz™

earplugs are not hearing aids and are not designed to compensate for a specific hearing loss. If your

hearing loss is severe, there may not be sufficient amplification available to offer you the best enjoyment

for your hunt. If that’s the case, we suggest you consult with a certified/licensed Audiologist for a

complete hearing evaluation and follow-up.

How easy is it to use FieldEarz™?

Our simple, one touch control of gain and channel selection is easy to change, without even removing

the device from your ear. And there’s no need to carry a screwdriver in the field, as many other products

require you to do.

How often do I need to change batteries?

Battery life depends on how often FieldEarz™ is used. Typical life expectancy can be 1-2 months of

frequent product use, during a hunting season. FieldEarz™ will automatically produce a low battery

warning tone, but will still function for a short period, allowing you to plan for replacement. We

recommend carrying spare batteries in the field.

Where can I buy batteries?
Batteries can purchased on the WildEar website for a substantial discount over retail stores. They can also be found at many pharmacies and retail stores in the hearing aid battery section.

Battery Tips:

  • Remove sticker 5 minutes prior to use can extend battery life up to 85% longer. 

  • ALWAYS remove your battery between uses. This will prolong the life of the electronics as well as the batteries. 

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