Offering sound clarity, situational awareness and protection against most high noise levels.
Filtered Foam Earplugs have an integrated acoustic filter, are fully ventilated, and allow you to communicate without removing your earplugs. This great product innovation offers a comfortable earplug that you will be happy to wear for a full day and easy to fit in the ear. Filtered Foam provides natural sound with good speech intelligibility and delivers full frequency sound reduction to safe listening levels. Easy to fit; Filtered Foam Earplugs and the use of viscoelastic memory foam combined with air entering the ear via the acoustic filter makes them comfortable to wear all day. The ergonomic ‘one size fits all’ closed cell foam reduces contamination making it possible to clean the earplugs and to use multiple times before disposal.




  • Natural sound clarity and speech intelligibility
  • Re-usable hearing protection
  • Situational awareness – hear warning shouts and alarms and direction of sound
  • All day comfort and performance
  • NRR 11
  • Ventilated and healthy for the ears
  • Easy to fit, clean and re-use

Filtered Foam Lite Earplugs