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Great Fit. Great Sound. Great Protection.

FieldEarz™ electronic earplug intelligent design helps you better hear soft sounds and carry on conversations in the field while protecting from gunshots and other noisy environments. FieldEarz™ electronic earplug is comfortable to wear, easy to use, and offers exceptional sound quality. It is ideal for hunters, shooters, and others who require hearing protection and clear communication.


FieldEarz™ integrates effective and seamless impulse and continuous noise reduction with the latest compression architecture for processing speech and environmental sounds. New voice alerts, improved wind reduction, adaptive feedback cancellation, adjustable volume control, and five selectable listening programs provide unparalleled usability and performance.


Product Includes: 

  • FieldEarz™ ready-fit earpieces (black)
  • Type 13 batteries
  • Lanyard (black)
  • Water-tight plastic storage case
  • WildEar cleaning tool
  • Multiple sizes and styles of tips


Technical Specifications: 

  • 100% Digital: multiple listening programs
    • EVERYDAY: Emphasis on group conversation and environmental sounds
    • BOOST: Extra boost on group conversation and environmental sounds
    • NOISY: For noisy and windy environments to better hear speech
    • EXTREME: For highest level of wind and noise reduction
    • MUTE: Silence incoming signals when you need a break from your surroundings
  • Broad frequency range (emphasis at 500-4000 Hz)
  • Multiple volume settings (gain up to 30 dB)
  • Impulse peak and continuous background noise reduction
  • Wind noise reduction
  • 8-channel wide dynamic range compression
  • Adaptive feedback canceller to help eliminate whistling/squeals.
  • Independent left and right ear program and volume controls
  • Circuit memory for the last volume and listening program settings.
  • Voice prompts/indicators
  • Long battery life (over 100 hours) with low battery alert
  • Noise Reduction Rating: 29 dB Foam Eartips / 24 dB 3-Flange Eartips

FieldEarz™ Ready-Fit


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