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Hearing Protection for What Life Throws at You

Hearing protection and amplification is a fairly established industry within the hunting community. With advances in technology the hearing protection gets better and better, and with the addition of the filtration and amplification of sounds there are a wider variety of choices when it comes to ways to protecting your hearing.

But the sound of a gunshot isn’t the only time that you may want to have something protecting my ears. With something as fragile as your hearing, and permanent damage being one mistake away we have found that there are a wide range of other opportunities to use WildEar hearing protection products. Here are some great examples of activities where hearing protection could save your ears from permanent damage.

Motorcycle Riding – There are plenty of loud noises when riding a motorcycle. From the engine/exhaust of your own bike, to the vehicles around you, to the wind blowing past your face, all of these noises can cause wear and tear on your hearing. Plus, with the Pro Series products from WildEar, you could hear the things you want to hear and block out the things you don’t.

Construction – There are a wide variety of types of construction, but regardless of the type of work you’re doing you will probably be around loud noises. Jackhammers, nail guns, hammers hitting solid objects, drills, and many other tools give off a high level of noise that can cause damage to you hearing.

Law Enforcement – If you work in law enforcement one of the most important aspects of your job is to stay focused on your task, and the Pro Series of hearing protection and amplification from WildEar will give you the ability to block out the loud and harmful noise without compromising your ability to hear what you want to hear.

Auto Racing & Motorsports – Engines are one of the loudest things that we might be around, and that noise is greatly increased in auto racing and motorsports. With a high concentration of powerful engines firing on all cylinders your ears will suffer without protection.

DNR Enforcement – Very similar to law enforcement, you want to be able to focus and hear the words people are saying without hearing the roar of an engine. And that is impossible without something like a WildEar product protecting your hearing and filtering what you want to hear.

Concerts – Concerts are loud. Period. From the screaming fans to the blaring music that is being blasted out of the speakers, this is one setting that is very dangerous to your hearing without protection.

Aviation – Being around auto engines is one thing, but aviation takes loud noises to a whole new level and utilizing a tool that will help you block out the harmful noise while filtering the helpful communication could really help performance and efficiency levels.

Fire/EMS/First Responders – This is another area where focus is key. Lives or homes may be at stake and you want to be able to act using the skill and training you have acquired without being hindered by noise. This is a great chance to take advantage of the Pro Series of WildEar products.

Industrial Work – When working in an industrial setting a harmless noise can become dangerous because the sound has no place to go, and when you compound all of the industrial noises on top of each other you are cooking up a recipe for damaged hearing. But this damage can easily be prevented with the proper hearing protection.

Military – Military personnel face a number of loud circumstances. Between running drills, to helicopter rides there are a lot of potentially dangerous noises surrounding a person serving in the military.

Snowmobiling – One of the best things is the freedom felt while driving a snowmobile. But after hours of riding, the constant noise of a snowmobile engine can take a toll on your hearing so it is important to wear some kind of hearing protection.

Heavy Equipment (Chainsaws, Lawn Mowers, Weed Whackers) – I have experience with this. Usually I will choose to use headphones to try and block out the noise of the lawn mower or chainsaw, but what ends up happening is I have to increase the volume of the music so much in order to hear it over the sound of the equipment that I run the risk of damaging my hearing. It would be much smarter to protect my hearing instead of trying to drown out the loud noise with even louder music.

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