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Hunting Hearing Aids and their Advantages

As the hunter, it is important for you to have every advantage possible over the game that you are hunting. You are stepping onto their home turf, and yet you are faced with challenges. You want to outsmart them, outthink them, and be one step ahead at all times. This means that, as a hunter, you must prepare yourself for the possible circumstances that might come your way.

This preparation can mean a lot of different things, from packing enough food, to making sure you have enough water or access to water, to wearing the right clothing, to having enough ammunition, and the list of ways to prepare goes on and on.

One of the biggest ways that hunters can get a leg up on the animals or birds they are hunting is to utilize the advances in hearing aid and amplification technology. With the steps that have been taken in the area of hearing amplification, hunters can now hear as well as or better than the wild game they are hunting. Here is a great testimonial from Paul Sire, who took a pair of WildEar hearing boosters while on his hunting trip:

“Yesterday I returned from being gone 11 days, hunting 9 of these days. I had my WildEar hearing boosters in while hunting for all 9 of the days and they are wonderful. I did not have the problem with the wind noise like I did with my “ear” units. I was able to hear pheasants run past me while posting and was able to be more than ready when they erupted. I was asked, “How could you beat me to the shot like that?” I could hear them peeping when they gathered together at the end of the fields. I heard meadow larks sing, and small birds calling out (which I have not heard for some time). I could hear deer walking in the corn before seeing them. While working the granary, I could hear flies, flying around. In the house I could hear dishwater running down the drain, and a mouse in the wall. But I do not remember hearing the shots.

Needless to say, they are great! Thank you!” – Paul Sire

Paul is just one of the thousands of hunters that have taken advantage of hearing boosters like the ones manufactured here at WildEar. With hearing aids specifically designed for hunting, you can hear up to 5x better than you can without them!

So next time you decided to head out for a hunt, ask yourself if you are giving yourself every advantage that you can to enjoy a successful hunt.

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