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Fall asleep faster! Snoring and other noises that hinder sleep will be reduced significantly but not enough to miss your alarm clock. The low profile design is perfect for sleeping on your side. Each set is custom manufactured using digital technology to ensure all-night comfort and superior fit.



  • Extremely soft silicone custom earplugs
  • Low-profile design to avoid pressure points
  • Zipper Pouch



  • Just the right amount of noise reduction: Are you looking for a simple solution to help you get a good night’s sleep? SleepEarz™ provides a significant amount of noise reduction, but not so much to miss an alarm clock or emergency call.
  • Consistent noise reduction:  Because custom earplugs go in the ear just one way and are designed to fit the individual's ear canal precisely,  you can expect the ultimate in comfort and consistent performance
  • Durable, long-lasting: Unlike foam or even most premolded vinyl earplugs, customs are designed to survive for years. A set of custom earplugs can last many years due to the considerable strength and durability of materials.
  • Fit for all: One clear advantage of custom hearing protection is that all sizes and shapes of ears can be accommodated, even when surgery, disease or injury has radically changed the characteristics of the outer ear.


  • WildEar by Cavcom, Inc. has a number of ways to collect your ear impressions:

    • IMPRESSION ON FILE: If you or your company have purchased WildEar or CavCom, Inc. custom products, we may already have your ear impressions on file. Please fill above fields with name, employer (if applicable), and approximate date the custom product was manufactured. We’ll check and let you know if your impressions are already on file.
    • LOCAL PROVIDER: Most audiologists can provide ear impression services for a one-time fee of $30 - $75. When making your appointment, you will need to explain to the provider that you have already purchased the custom product from WildEar and so are asking them to provide only an ear impression of each ear. Please print and take this Ear Impression Guide with you to your appointment. If you need help locating a qualified provider, search here.
    • HOME FIT KIT: If you cannot find a local professional to take your ear impressions, you may be able to use the WildEar home fit kit. Please note that individuals with a history of ear surgery or ear problems such as pain, irritation, excessive earwax or infection, and those with allergies or sensitivity to silicone products should not attempt a home impression kit. To order a WildEar Home Fit Kit, purchase here.
    • 1 Year Warranty & 90 day Fit Guarantee - Read our warranty policy.
    • Support & FAQs - Please read the Support & FAQs if you have questions or contact us with any questions you have with your product.

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