Offering situational awareness and protection against shooting impulse noise.

The Filtered Foam Shooting Earplugs featuring our patent pending impulse filter technology developed to provide ultimate hearing protection against gunfire. Filtered Foam Shooting Earplugs feature ambient mesh technology giving  the user the ability to hear speech and maintain situational awareness.

Filtered Foam Shooting Earplugs provide the optimal level of hearing protection, whether on the shooting range, hunting, during tactical training or on an operational mission.



  • Compact design Earplugs to protect against Impulse noise
  • NRR 11
  • Re-usable hearing protection, universal fit and easy to fit
  • Featuring impulse filter technology
  • Situational awareness – hear threats, warnings, commands and direction of sound
  • Allows ventilation of the ear (with stopper not placed)

Filtered Foam Shooters Earplugs