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This revolutionary solution upgrades the functionality of your cell phone with ready-fit  CellEarz™ earsets specifically designed for protection and binaural listening and a high-performing inline mic for clear communication.


Product Includes: 

  • Ready-fit CellEarz™ Earsets
  • A stereo cord with push-to-talk and microphone - 3.5mm jack or Bluetooth lanyard with controls
  • 1 Set standard Comply™ tips



  • Custom-fit hearing protection
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 29dB 


Bluetooth Lanyard Details:

  • Supports Bluetooth 5.0
  • 20 hours of battery life
  • IPx7 water-protection or immersion-protection


Light Duty Cable Details:

  • High quality 50” black insulated cable, twisted pair tinsel wire, silver plated
  • In-line MEMs microphone allows clear communication, even in moderately high noise
  • 3.5mm audio plug connector (stereo/TRRS), right-angle, nickel-plated
  • Formable earhooks (mold cable around your ears) for added comfort and custom fit

CellEarz™ Cellphone Ready-Fit Earset

PriceFrom $269.00
  • WildEar by Cavcom has many ways to get your ear mold impression in order to produce your product. Please select the correct one for you. 

    • Fit Kit Needed - We will send you a fit kit and instructions to create an ear mold impression at home. 
    • Impression On File - If you or your company have purchase CavCom, Inc. hearing protection we may have your ear mold impression on file. Please enter the name, company and approximate date of product produced. 
    • Use Local Provider - Most audiologists can provide ear mold impression services for a fee of $30 - $75. If you have a provider in mind, please print and take this Ear Impression Guide with you to your appointment. 

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