Moisture is the enemy of all types of small electronic devices, including electronic earsets, hearing protectors, and hearing aids. DryKlean UV is a great solution, providing convection heating for a gentle drying cycle that pulls moisture away from the hearing product without damaging the electronics. This little drying unit also quickly sanitizes your earsets using ultraviolet light.


  • Five-minute UV-C cycle
  • Four-hour drying cycle
  • Compact size easily fits on a nightstand, desk, or countertop
  • Interior dimension is large enough to accommodate two hearing devices (left/right)
  • Operates on a USB power supply (any USB, 5 volt, 1-amp or greater).
  • Handy carrying case makes it easy to carry with you while traveling


4″ L x 3.25″ W x 1.25″ H (Product)
2″ L x 2.5″ W x .75″ H (Drying compartment)
7.5″ L x 4.375″ W x 1.875″ H (Completely packaged)


Power Source:
Product operates on a USB power supply. Any USB, 5 volt, 1-amp or greater. A power supply with a “micro” USB connector will work with this product.


UV-C Lamp Exposure:
When the lid is opened, the entire unit shuts off completely. System can be restarted once lid is properly closed and the power button is reactivated.

DryKlean UV