Bundle Package Include: Master Series, Soft Silicone Hearing Protection and Headphone-IEM's


WildEar Master is built for the shooting sportsman. Whether in a treestand or at the range, the WildEar Master provides the most advanced technology in hearing protection and enhancement on the market. They protect your ears from extreme noise and gun blasts, and also provide hearing enhancement for safety and communication. WildEar Master includes 4 digital hearing enhancement programs. Each set is custom fit using digital technology to ensure all-day comfort and superior fit.

  • 4 digital programs to choose from

  • Adjustable volume up to 5 times normal hearing boost

  • Sound Guard

  • Right and left ear color-coded

  • Custom fit for all-day comfort

  • Wax protection system


Soft Silicone Hearing Protection


Custom Fit Hearing Protection

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) 26dB

  • Custom fit for all-day comfort

  • Last for an extended period of time

  • Easily clean with soap and water

  • Lightweight

  • Convenient

  • Variety of colors

  • Lanyard connection


WildEar Headphones are a great live In-Ear Monitors, as well as an exciting listening experience, bringing your music to life with detailed bass, crisp mids and spacious highs. Placement is wide, with individual instruments succinct and separate and just the right amount of space. EQ these however you want, the WildEar I.E.M.’s will respond brilliantly to whatever you feed it, and of course, as with all of our offerings, speed, resolution and detail remain critical.

Available with

2-Drivers or 3 Drivers


  • Right and left ear color-coded

  • Custom fit for all-day comfort​

Bundle Package