Sound Protection: Keep Your Ears Safe

Hearing loss induced by loud noises is permanent. Once you damage your inner ear cells, they are gone for good, they do not regenerate. You will never restore your hearing completely, either with a hearing aid or even surgery. That’s why it is absolutely important to protect your ears from loud sounds. The National Institute [...]

Ear Protectors: Top 3 Ways to Protect Your Hearing

It is exciting indeed to pull the trigger of a firearm, but make sure that you keep your ears safe with the help of the following ear protectors. Earplugs Earplugs are the most commonly used type of ear protection. They are tiny and hence easily portable, not to mention cheap. Earplugs are available in a [...]

Custom In Ear Hearing Protection

You simply cannot afford to go without hearing protection if you are a sport shooter, hunter, law enforcement officer, or anyone who has anything to do with firearms. Even if you are a hobbyist who enjoys going to the shooting range once in a while, you still need protection to safeguard your hearing.   Noise [...]

Bow Hunters Hearing Aid

Traditional archery is gaining popularity, what with seasoned archers looking for added challenges and better experiences. Bow hunting tests your skills as a hunter and can therefore be a thrilling experience.   Bow hunters rely heavily on sounds When you’re stalking deer, you know how important it is to use all your senses completely. Hearing [...]

Benefits of Electronic Hearing Protection

Hunters! Consider this for a moment. The enjoyable time that you spend hunting could actually be causing damage to your hearing. Firearms can cause hearing loss Being exposed to noise levels greater than 140 dB can permanently damage hearing. An article published in the American Tinnitus Association pegs all gunfire noise between 150 to 172 [...]

Hearing Protection for Hunting

How do hunters salute? They cup their ears and say “eh”. This running joke among hunters is also a reminder about noise-induced hearing loss among those who are consistently exposed to loud noises. Rifle blasts can be extremely loud, at around 160 decibels.   Joe Langston never misses a hunting season. One too many shots [...]

The Value of Hearing Protection + Enhancement

I recently went to a shooting range with two good friends. Once we arrived, we each realized that we did not bring ear protection, which forced us to use the protection provided by the range. It wasn’t until we were all relying on standard ear muff style protection that we realized the benefits of having [...]

My Ears Hurt: All of the Opportunities for Your Hearing to Get Damaged

“Huh? What? Are your ears ringing?” “You’re talking too loud!” Our ears are a very small part of our body, and yet they allow us to do so many important things. Even though we have thousand of body parts, we only have six senses, and our ability to hear allows us to do so many [...]

Tracking and Predicting the Whitetail Deer Population

In order to become the best hunter you possibly can, you must learn to track the animal that you are hunting. Tracking typically takes years to learn. You must be able to not only know where the animal has been, but also be able to predict where the animal is going to be. You must [...]

4 Ways that the Right Hearing Protection Will Help You Hunt

There are a variety of different ways to protect your ears while you hunt. From different thats that simply block out noise to different ways to filter noise, you have choices when it comes to protecting your hearing. The important part is twofold: 1) that you are in fact protecting your hearing, and 2) that [...]